Porsche 959 Jürgen Lewandowski _ Delius Klasing

Porsche 959
Jürgen Lewandowski
17. October 2016

Porsche 959 Boxed Set

To the present day, the Porsche 959 is regarded as one of the most exceptional vehicles in automotive history: a technical marvel with its all-wheel drive, a refined biturbo engine, 450 PS and a top speed of 315 km/h – still breathtaking 30 years after its first roll-out.

The idea behind this tour de force was to build a Porsche that fitted the new Group B regulations just established in 1983: the Group B Porsche. The regulations demanded just 200 vehicles for the homologation, that is why Porsche was able to turn the technological knowledge of that time into a super Porsche equally suitable for the race track and for rallies – which was the intention of the new racing car series. Apart from the races, the homologation vehicles were also meant to go to private owners for the use in road traffic.

Jürgen Lewandowski witnessed the development of the Porsche 959 more than 30 years ago and describes the difficult birth of the super car including the three Paris-Dakar rallies and the Le Mans race.

After 30 years, this comprehensive work presents even the minutest details, it comments on events in the past, and contemporary witnesses have their say – all in all it is a literary monument to the Porsche 959.

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