Peter Auto GRAND PRIX DE L’AGE D’OR 2024
This is our first trip to the GRAND PRIX DE L’AGE D’OR, the small but beautiful race track near Dijon. Over a small country road, where you would hardly think that a large race transporter could drive, directly to the Circuit Dijon. Once there, you get the feeling that time has stood still. There are no large advertising towers at the start and finish and the number of pits is much smaller. However, the circuit with its short and long bends as well as its inclines offers an interesting change for the racing drivers and the few photographers who traveled to the GRAND PRIX DE L’AGE D’OR 2024. The participants were divided into 7 racing classes. From the legendary 2.0 Cup to the Heritage Turing Cup, everything that belongs to historic racing was represented. Thrilling battles for positions were on offer. The track caused one or two racing cars to drift wildly. Performance counts on the inclines and the necessary feeling at the turn-in point to the next bend can also give the small racing car an advantage. Of course, the weather plays an important role here. On Friday it was dry, then heavy rain on Saturday and of course sunshine again on Sunday. It was a great event for us and we certainly weren’t at the GRAND PRIX DE L’AGE D’OR for the last time. You can see a few impressions of the GRAND PRIX DE L’AGE D’OR with a focus on Porsche here.