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AVD – Oldtimer GP 2015

The AVD – Oldtimer Grand Prix 2015. A meeting of superlatives, not only thanks to the initiative of the Porsche. This year with a special 30 years Porsche 959th. With an average model and the original 959 press car in Red showed Porsche what insurmountable technical challenges and still makes people amazed. An interesting visitor: Mr. Magnus Walker , the Porsche hero from California.

The race, as always the highlight of the AVD – Oldtimer Grand Prix. Porsche then travels with many different models such as the 935 (with firepower) with always forward.

Thousands of visitors are amazed at the Oldtimer. The Rallye Paris Dakar 959 and one 911 SC Safari is also shown.

Three days of historic motorsports pure in the Eifel. The appointment is already registered for the 2016th

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