The Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 has long been an icon of automotive history, unique and unforgotten. 50 years after its world premiere, the Porsche Museum celebrated it in 2022 with a special exhibition entitled “Spirit of Carrera RS”.

In the sports version, the 210 hp coupé weighing 960 kg accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, with a top speed of just under 245 km/h. The aerodynamics, which were already precisely designed for racing cars at the time, still make the RS unique today.

The Porsche Museum tells the story of the RS and its motorsport brother the RSR not only with vehicles and anecdotes, but also with films, photos, racing posters and interactive elements. For example, anyone who turns the model detail and colour wheel of the kaleidoscope can put together their own individual RS. In order to satisfy as many wishes as possible, Porsche remains true to the principle of individualisation options with the Carrera RS 2.7. Thus, buyers could choose from many colours and equipment variants. The demand surprised the sports car manufacturer, who originally planned 500 series-produced examples for homologation. Although it was possible to put together an individual RS in the exhibition, it was unfortunately not possible to place an order with Porsche. Instead, one is left with the pictures of the exhibition.

The Porsche 956-001 Works

The first

In Paris 2023 at the Retromobile a very special Porsche is offered for sale. It is the first, the first Porsche 956, which was to be followed by far more than 100 other Porsche 956/962s in the course of time. The first 956-001 was built in Weissach and was first driven on the test track by Jürgen Barth on 27 March 1982.

Afterwards, the 956-001 was extensively tested by Jürgen Barth, Jacky Ickx, Roland Kussmaul and Derek Bell. According to information in the book “Excellence was Expected”, the drivers covered 4,244 test miles before Porsche set off for the 6 Hours of Silverstone on 16 May. With the dream team of Bell and Ickx at the wheel, Porsche should have won the race comfortably. But the Porsche covered more kilometres in the 6 hours than it was allowed to use on fuel. 

The Lancia LC1 of Riccardo Patrese and Michele Alboreto crossed the finish line first because it had competed in Group 6 last season and was therefore exempt from Group C fuel regulations. So while Lancia could use as much fuel as they wanted and go full speed, the Porsche 001 was destined to be proverbial economical and finished second.  With a lap time 10 seconds slower than the original race pace and only three laps behind Lancia, the race was still a resounding success for Porsche, with victory in the Group C race car class.

The Porsche 956-001 then headed back to Weissach for testing. There it underwent a 30-hour Le Mans test. Its sister cars were allowed to take victory in France in return. 

The car contested only one race, a DRM race at the Norisring, where Jochen Mass eventually took a well-deserved victory. The Porsche 956-001 was subsequently retired and presented to Jacky Ickx as a farewell gift at the end of 1985.

In Paris, the racing car stands in its original bodywork and a 2.65-litre boxer engine in the rear. The Porsche still has many of its original parts, even though it has one or two minor imperfections in many places. The dashboard is also unique to the car, all other Porsche 956/962s had a curved version fitted instead of the straight dashboard shown here. But this is only a small footnote in the history of the 956-001. Oh yes the car is for sale 7.500.000 pounds are called! But what is that for the first Porsche 956.

24 hours Retromobile 2023

It’s fair time in Paris. So let’s go to the beautiful city on the Seine. Retromobil 2023 is calling. And this time I have the opportunity to go to the fair with a Porsche legend. A ride with Le Mans winner Jürgen Barth himself at the wheel of a Porsche. With just over 24 hours to get there and back and a visit to the fair, it will be a trip into the glorious past of the great Porsche racing era in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Numerous Stuttgart Porsche racing car legends will be on show at Retromobil 2023 in Paris. From the 550 Spyder to the Porsche 907, a Gulf-Porsche 917 to the first built 956 showed up at the fair. Under the light of the exhibition halls, the racing cars, all of which are for sale, invite numerous detailed photos. It is sometimes the small details that tell the stories of the racing cars, and it is precisely such details that Jürgen Barth can tell on the journey from Stuttgart to Paris and back again. The fair shows unique racing cars and cars for collectors and Jürgen Barth knows almost all the stories about these racing cars. In this year 2023, I can’t decide exactly what was more interesting, the ride as Jürgen Barth’s co-driver or the trade fair. It is probably the intersection that makes this short trip to Paris unforgettable.

Dreams are my reality

Dreams are my reality

Der Porsche Brand Store in der Stadt Stuttgart gibt Träumen einen ganz speziellen Platz. Im Store zeigt sich, dass Porsche mehr ist als eine Autofirma. Einen Porsche zu fahren davon träumt fast jedes Kind, doch muss der Traum nicht ein Traum bleiben. Nun kann man mitten ist in der Heimatstadt von Porsche, unter dem Motto „Drinnen by Dreams“ sich seinen Traum erfüllen. Man darf aber im Store auch einfach ein wenig Weiterträumen und sich inserieren lassen von all den vielen Artefakten die im Brand Store gezeigt werden. Sei es der Hut von Ferry Porsche der selber immer wieder den Traum eines noch besseren Sportwagens in die Tat umgesetzt hat, oder der Traum von einer Karriere als Ballett-Tänzerin (das Stuttgarter Ballett liegt nur einen Steinwurf entfernt), der Traum von dem Visionen ausgehen wie in der Gestalt der Porsche Studie 551 die gerade in den Räumen ausgestellt wird, der Traum einen Teil der Porsche Welt zu sein und sei es nur mit einem Porsche Buch oder einem Porsche T-Shirt. Hier im Porsche Brand Store „Driven by Dreams“ kann der Traum gelebt werden. Es sind Millionen Träume möglich und Porsche bietet nun in Stuttgart einen perfekten Erfüllungsort an. Träume werden hier Realität!

The Porsche Brand Store in the city of Stuttgart gives dreams a very special place. The store shows that Porsche is more than just a car company. Almost every child dreams of driving a Porsche, but the dream doesn’t have to remain a dream. Now you can fulfill your dream in the middle of Porsche’s home town under the motto “Driven by Dreams”. But you can also just dream a little further in the store and let yourself be advertised by all the many artifacts that are shown in the brand store. Whether it’s the hat of Ferry Porsche, who has always dreamed of an even better sports car, or the dream of a career as a ballet dancer (the Stuttgart Ballet is just a stone’s throw away), the dream of a vision in the form of the Porsche Study 551, which is currently on display in the store, or the dream of being part of the Porsche world, even if it’s only with a Porsche book or a Porsche T-shirt. Here at the Porsche Brand Store “Driven by Dreams” the dream can be lived. There are millions of dreams possible and Porsche now offers a perfect fulfillment place in Stuttgart. Dreams become reality here!