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Porsche Werbung und Prospekte aus vier Jarzehnten

Porsche Werbung und Prospekte aus vier Jarzehnten

Der Prachtband vereint auf 128 Seiten die schönsten Prospekte und Webeblätter aus vier Jahrzehnten. Das ideale Nachschlagewerk für Porsche_Nostalgiker und alle, für die ein Oldtimer nicht einfach ein altes Auto ist und ein Automobilprospekt von gestern nicht nur ein betagtes Werbemittel.

The splendor band combines on 128 pages the most beautiful leaflets and weave leaves from four decades. The ideal reference book for Porsche nostalgics and everyone for whom a vintage car is not just an old car and a car brochure from yesterday is not just an old advertising medium.

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Porsche – die Rennplakate von 1951 bis heute

Porsche - die Rennplakate
Jürgen Lewandowski
Delius Klasing, Bielefeld

In 1951 began a small, unknown sports car manufacturer, slowly making a name: Ferry Porsche had brought to the UR-356 is a legend for rolling – and as 1951, the first customers have won the first race, the graphic artist Erich Strenger also drew a first poster, with the still young company made advertising for themselves: Porsche announces new successes. Since then, Porsche has reported on hundreds of posters on victories – whether in circuit racing, the Grand Prix or the rally tracks of the earth. In addition to this unparalleled success story posters also available but for your own, memorable design language developed Erich Strenger for Porsche – and designed for decades. His posters have won design awards and are now looking for collectibles. Porsche has maintained this tradition after the death of Erich Strenger – thus demonstrating this book, in addition to the variety of information about the race itself and the racing and road vehicles, even half a century award-winning graphic design history.

See more soon in „The Porsche Book of Porsche Books“.