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Book Fair 2016

News from Frankfurt.

The Porsche 911 is a unique sports car, then why not also make unique books on the subject in itself. The book 911 x 911 from the Stuttgart Motorbuchverlag shows in its 2nd edition on over 1000 pages, what makes the Mythos 911th With the book “Porsche nursery heroes” of the Edition Panorama, we follow the photographer Christian Blanck back to our childhood. Once there, we make ourselves equal to the scale, a kit of a 6-cylinder. There is also a book with all the information about the engine. Porsche history of the early years reflects the autobiography of Porsche engineer and former race director Peter Falk: “33 years Porsche” was developed in cooperation with McKlein Publishing. So exclusive as the car brings Delius Klasing for the 30 anniversary of a box with three books for supercar 959 out. Heel Verlag has, the first book on the Type 997 in the program, and many other new Porsche title. You own a Porsche 917, then Haynes has the right book for you in the program. The Owners Workshop Manual. This is only a small selection of Porsche books at the 63rd Book Fair. More of it, about the featured title, here on


Porsche 911 Modell by Modell

Porsche 911 Modell by Modell
Laurence Meredith
The Crowood Press

Porsche enthusiast and author Laurance Meredith capitalizes on his connections in the European motoring community to obtain drives in every variant of the most famous sports car ever built. The result is this collection of driving impressions ranging from the first 911 introduced in 1964 to the 417-horsepower 2000 model. Two hundred specially commissioned color photographs accompany this unique reference for Porsche and automotive enthusiasts.

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Porsche Typen und Geschichte – J. Lewandowski

Porsche - Typen und Geschichte
Jürgen Lewandowski
Delius Klasing, Bielefeld

For more than 55 years, the sports and racing cars from Porsche are among the most coveted cars ever. Their performance and sportiness that are connected to an everyday usability and practicality, have given them a loyal long-time fans. written in this book, of car journalists Jürgen Lewandwoski the fascinating story of the 356- and 911 models will be presented in detail – but also the 914-, 924- and 928-series are explained with all variants. The book is rounded with a great racing story that leads from Le Mans on the Monte Carlo Rally up to F1.

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AVD – Oldtimer GP 2015

The AVD – Oldtimer Grand Prix 2015. A meeting of superlatives, not only thanks to the initiative of the Porsche. This year with a special 30 years Porsche 959th. With an average model and the original 959 press car in Red showed Porsche what insurmountable technical challenges and still makes people amazed. An interesting visitor: Mr. Magnus Walker , the Porsche hero from California.

The race, as always the highlight of the AVD – Oldtimer Grand Prix. Porsche then travels with many different models such as the 935 (with firepower) with always forward.

Thousands of visitors are amazed at the Oldtimer. The Rallye Paris Dakar 959 and one 911 SC Safari is also shown.

Three days of historic motorsports pure in the Eifel. The appointment is already registered for the 2016th

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The Porsche 911 – Chris Harvey

Porsche 911
Chris Harvey
Haynes Publications

The Porsche 911 book by Chris Harvey.

This book is a wealth of technical details about the development of Porsche 911 to the year 1980, to the 911 L series. The early history of 911, coupled with anecdotes and road track tests, and practical advice for your own 911 make the book an easy chair reading. On numerous pictures b/w , illustrations and color plates are shown rare images from the development and from the race track.

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