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24 hours Retromobile 2023

It’s fair time in Paris. So let’s go to the beautiful city on the Seine. Retromobil 2023 is calling. And this time I have the opportunity to go to the fair with a Porsche legend. A ride with Le Mans winner Jürgen Barth himself at the wheel of a Porsche. With just over 24 hours to get there and back and a visit to the fair, it will be a trip into the glorious past of the great Porsche racing era in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Numerous Stuttgart Porsche racing car legends will be on show at Retromobil 2023 in Paris. From the 550 Spyder to the Porsche 907, a Gulf-Porsche 917 to the first built 956 showed up at the fair. Under the light of the exhibition halls, the racing cars, all of which are for sale, invite numerous detailed photos. It is sometimes the small details that tell the stories of the racing cars, and it is precisely such details that Jürgen Barth can tell on the journey from Stuttgart to Paris and back again. The fair shows unique racing cars and cars for collectors and Jürgen Barth knows almost all the stories about these racing cars. In this year 2023, I can’t decide exactly what was more interesting, the ride as Jürgen Barth’s co-driver or the trade fair. It is probably the intersection that makes this short trip to Paris unforgettable.

Porsche. Stuttgart. Solitude.

The citizens of Stuttgart have to wait two years until it’s time again and the Stuttgart car manufacturers present themselves again on the historic Solitude racetrack. 2019 is the year again and Porsche presents itself in best weather with true treasures from the museum and numerous racing legends on and off the track. Porsche a sports car manufacturer to touch, to experience, shows racing cars from the glorious times of the Solitude race track and brings current racing drivers together with racing legends to the track. And that’s fun for everyone who is part of the Solitude Revival 2019. The legends are available for autograph requests and have a lot of fun themselves.
Porsche 550 Spyder, 718 Formula 2, Porsche 804, Porsche 904, various Porsche 917 as well as Porsche 914, Porsche 356 and numerous Porsche 911 from all decades are on the way on the course optimally prepared by the organizer Solitude Revival.

Legends such as Herbert Linge, Eberhard Mahle, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Walter Röhrl, Marc Lieb or Stéphane Ortelli, well prepared by the Porsche Museum, will be on hand to answer questions at numerous autograph sessions and presentations in the Porsche Museum tent. The Porsche Museum also presents itself in the best way for the spectators and offers them plenty of space to take a short breather in the spacious event area.

Now the 15th edition of the Solitude is also history and we have to wait another two years to experience history and legends live in Stuttgart… or we go to the Porsche Museum and experience the history of Porsche and a little Solitude Live there.